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This book is a study of Bible prophecy (eschatology) and history, written from my Christian, dispensational, premillennial viewpoint. It is about Bible prophecies related to the past, present, and future times of the four gentile empires foretold in the book of Daniel, primarily in chapters 2 and 7, which point to the season of Christ’s second coming to earth. With the benefit of the last twenty-six hundred years of world history (or “altitude”), we can see today how the amazing prophecies in Daniel 2 and 7 (and other related scriptures) have been, are being, and will be fulfilled on the earth.
From the Bible and history, Daniel’s Fourth Kingdom discusses each of the four gentile kingdoms. They are described symbolically in Daniel 2 (NIV) as the head of gold (Babylon), the chest and arms of silver (Medo-Persia), the belly and thighs of bronze (Greece), and the legs of iron and feet and toes of iron and clay (Rome). Correspondingly, the same four kingdoms are further described symbolically in Daniel 7 (NIV) as four great beasts: a lion with wings of an eagle, two feet, and the mind of a human (Babylon); a bear that was higher on one side, with three ribs in its mouth (Medo-Persia); a leopard with four wings on its back, four heads, and power to rule (Greece); and a terrifying, frightening, and powerful fourth beast that will subjugate the whole earth, having large iron teeth, bronze claws, ten horns, and a little horn with eyes like a human and a boastful mouth (Rome).
Further, this book examines the seismic shift in Christian eschatological literature concerning the continuing existence of Daniel’s fourth kingdom, with the hope of encouraging, extending, and advancing the Bible-based study and understanding of this important subject as it relates to the season of the return of Christ.