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List of Illustrations



  • An Aerial View
  • Main Ideas in each Chapter
  • God Reveals the End at the Beginning
  • The Sign of Jonah
  • Testifying in the Roman World
  • His Certain Return

Chapter 1 Four Gentile Kingdoms: King Nebuchadnezzar’s Dream and Daniel’s Interpretation (Four and No More)

Chapter 2 Daniel’s Dream of Four Great Beasts and Its Interpretation (An Increasingly Evil Colossus)

Chapter 3 The Fourth Beast Is Different from the Other Three Kingdoms (The Last and Worst)

Chapter 4 Survey of Gentile History and Legacy (Four in One)

Chapter 5 Fragmentation and Continuation of the Amalgamated Roman Empire in Western Europe (Hidden in Plain Sight)

Chapter 6 The Divided Fourth Kingdom Still Exists Today and Has Trampled the Globe on Feet and Toes of Iron and Clay (Divided, Terrifying, Frightening, Powerful, Global, and Continuing)

Chapter 7 Questioning the Prevailing, Traditional Interpretation of a Coming “Revived” Roman Empire (Forgotten, But Not Gone)

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