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List of Illustrations[1]

Figure 1 Babylonia and Medo-Persia about 600 BC[2]

Figure 2 Cyrus Cylinder[3]

Figure 3 Persian Empire under Darius about 500 BC with Principal Satrapies[4]

Figure 4 Alexander’s Greek Empire 323 BC[5]

Figure 5 Divided Greek Kingdoms after Alexander 301 BC[6]

Figure 6 Arch of Titus, Rome[7]

Figure 7 Roman Empire AD 117 [8]

Figure 8 Roman Empire AD 476[9]

Figure 9 Charlemagne’s Western Roman Empire AD 800[10]

Figure 10 Burgundian Lands, circa AD 1493[11]

Figure 11 Europe 1490 AD [12]

Figure 12 Colonial Possessions, Sixteenth to Nineteenth Century[13]

Figure 13 African Colonies, 1908[14]

Figure 14 Ft. Rosalie (Ft. Panmure) Historical Marker at Natchez, 2019[15]

[1]. All illustrations contained in the book are in black and white. Except for figures 10 and 11, color versions of all illustrations in the book may be viewed on the Author’s Instagram account: @fourthkingdomofdaniel and Facebook page: Daniel’s Fourth Kingdom.

[2]. William C. Morey, Outlines of Ancient History: For the Use of High Schools and Academies (New York, et al.: American Book Company, 1906), 50.

[3]. Photo taken by the Author in 2013.

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[7]. Photo taken by the Author in 2006. See digital image of “Bas-Relief from the Arch of Titus at Rome: Showing Spoils from the Temple of Jerusalem,” in Norman Bentwich, Josephus (Philadelphia, PA: The Jewish Publication Society of America, 1914), Frontispiece. Public Domain work; access courtesy of HathiTrust digital library.

[8]. Morey, Outlines of Ancient History, 438-439.

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[11]. The Cambridge Modern History Atlas, Map 6.

[12]. Ibid., Map 1. A multicolored image of this map can be found in the HathiTrust digital library copy of this work.

[13]. Albert Galloway Keller, Colonization: A Study of the Founding of New Societies (Boston, et al.: Ginn & Company, 1908), Map IV.

[14]. Ibid., Map VI.

[15]. Photo taken by the Author in 2019.

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