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Tag: Greek Empire

Tag: Greek Empire

Medo-Persia and Greece in Bible Prophecy

  The March/April 2023 issue of National Geographic History magazine contains an interesting feature article about Persian King Xerxes (reign 486–465 BC) entitled, “Triumph of Engineering: Canal of Xerxes,” by Antonio Penades.[1] It examines evidence confirming King Xerxes’ excavation of a 1.25-mile-long canal across a narrow portion of the Mount Athos Peninsula of Greece, in

Herod: Rome’s appointed King of Judea (reign 37-4 BC)

National Geographic History is one of my favorite magazines. The November/December 2022 issue contains an interesting article about King Herod (reign 37–4 BC), whose tyrannical rule over Judea impacted the childhood of Jesus (as mentioned in Matthew 2).[1] Antipater, Herod’s father, “a wealthy Jewish noble who admired Roman culture and was friendly with Julius Caesar,”


List of Illustrations[1] Figure 1 Babylonia and Medo-Persia about 600 BC[2] Figure 2 Cyrus Cylinder[3] Figure 3 Persian Empire under Darius about 500 BC with Principal Satrapies[4] Figure 4 Alexander’s Greek Empire 323 BC[5] Figure 5 Divided Greek Kingdoms after Alexander 301 BC[6] Figure 6 Arch of Titus, Rome[7] Figure 7 Roman Empire AD 117

Overview of my book

  Written from my Christian, dispensational, premillennial viewpoint, this study of Bible prophecy (eschatology) and history: (1) focuses on the continuing existence of the Roman Empire, the fourth kingdom in chapters 2 and 7 of the book of Daniel, which is both a separate gentile kingdom as well as a beastly amalgamation of the three