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Tag: Josephus

Tag: Josephus

Herod: Rome’s appointed King of Judea (reign 37-4 BC)

National Geographic History is one of my favorite magazines. The November/December 2022 issue contains an interesting article about King Herod (reign 37–4 BC), whose tyrannical rule over Judea impacted the childhood of Jesus (as mentioned in Matthew 2).[1] Antipater, Herod’s father, “a wealthy Jewish noble who admired Roman culture and was friendly with Julius Caesar,”


List of Illustrations[1] Figure 1 Babylonia and Medo-Persia about 600 BC[2] Figure 2 Cyrus Cylinder[3] Figure 3 Persian Empire under Darius about 500 BC with Principal Satrapies[4] Figure 4 Alexander’s Greek Empire 323 BC[5] Figure 5 Divided Greek Kingdoms after Alexander 301 BC[6] Figure 6 Arch of Titus, Rome[7] Figure 7 Roman Empire AD 117

Bible prophecy is “history prewritten”

Book excerpt below from Chapter 3 entitled: The Fourth Beast Is Different From The Other Three Kingdoms (The Last and Worst): Roman Violence and Domination to the End As described in Daniel 7, the conquering power and domination of the Roman Empire will be “dreadful and terrible” (KJV) or, in the words of the NIV,