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Special thanks and appreciation to all my family members, friends, and mentors who encouraged me to write this book, who reviewed and provided helpful feedback on my manuscript, and who provided written reviews, comments, and congratulations that are included in the front section of my book and quoted below with gratitude. Thank you!

“Melvin Hawkins (my husband) has studied, taught, and written about end-time Bible prophecy for years, always sharing his abiding hope in the promise of Christ’s return. I know his passion for this subject and have attended his classes. Indeed, his interest in writing this book was developed during years of research and preparation for the classroom. Like the good teacher he is, Melvin thoroughly examines Daniel’s fourth kingdom; documents its fulfillment (in history) of important Bible prophecies; illuminates its present reality and future destiny according to Scripture; encourages faith in Jesus Christ and belief in God’s Word for hopeful and purposeful living in a troubled world; and prompts the reader to further investigate the subject through study questions at the end of each chapter. Enjoy this educational and inspirational journey through the Bible and history!”

Alice Hawkins

“A very well written book. The Guiding Principles in the front section are helpful reminders of relevant Scriptures before diving in. The book contains very interesting information about the four kingdoms of Daniel 2 and 7, which are Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece, and Rome. Overall, this is a very powerful read. Great work, Daddy! I love that God has given you the gift of writing!”

Valerie Hawkins

“Whew! With everything going on in the world today, we need a fresh perspective on it all! The author clearly illuminates facts of world history and truths of the Bible, to provide both believers and nonbelievers with just that! This riveting book elicits new thought and encourages a renewed sense of hope on our understanding of the ‘end times.’ Pick this book up and engage in taking a step back to see the ways in which the Bible, and its prophecy, connects to our yesterday, making clearer our today.”

Olivia Marmion
Owner of C ZNL Treats LLC and
Author of Fuzzy-Face Monsters Coloring Book

“One of a kind! Daniel’s Fourth Kingdom: Fulfilling the Times of the Gentiles takes you on an adventure like no other to discover Bible prophecies related to past, present, and future events in the world and the continuing existence of the fourth kingdom, Roman Empire. Mr. Hawkins (my Dad) eloquently conveys throughout the book the importance of unveiling this information so that people can have better knowledge and understanding of and faith in the return of Jesus Christ. This is a must-read book that questions the traditional interpretation of the ‘revived’ Roman Empire and reveals the truth of the Bible and the love of God!”

Vanessa L. Hawkins
Lifestyle blogger and influencer
Instagram account @thatvanessalynn_

“Influential read. Daniel’s Fourth Kingdom clearly and convincingly connects the current state of the world to the fulfillment of Bible prophecy, namely the 4th kingdom and the 4th beast of Daniel 2 and 7 respectively. The author has painstakingly researched and documented his observations, giving him credibility and making it easy for the reader to dig deeper. I highly recommend it to strengthen the faith of the believer and to answer questions and show that God’s plan is well underway to the nonbeliever.”

William Marmion


“Whatever is worth doing is worth doing well. Well done, Melvin!”

Your Big Brother, James Hawkins


“Congratulations, Brother! I am proud of you.”

Your Big Sister, Betty Holland


“How would I describe this book? A work of art in a class all by itself; an extraordinary masterpiece well-organized so that each thought flows smoothly, while capturing the essence of Daniel’s prophecies. I was left in amazement, hungry for the next metaphorical clue, yet thirsting for the content to never end.”

Gloria Plain, Sister


“This book will encourage you to read the Bible and be ready when Christ returns.”

Clifton Hawkins, Your Brother


“Melvin, you’ve come so far and made many grand achievements, including this book. I am proud of your success today and always. Congratulations!”

Your Little Brother, Carl Hawkins


“Congratulations, Big Brother, on another outstanding accomplishment; continued success and love always!”

Your Little Sister, Cora Hawkins Houston


“From the connective introduction to the scaffolded historical and biblical infusion of texts, Daniel’s Fourth Kingdom takes the reader on a transformational exploration of prophetic thought. The author challenges the reader to see the paradigm shift of events. ‘From the vantage point of our present time and place in history, and with understanding that comes from faith in God, the work of the Holy Spirit, and studying both His Word and world history, . . . we can connect the meanings of Daniel’s ancient Bible prophecies with past, present, and prophesied future events on the earth.’ This book moves the reader to a point of critical analysis by asking one to be willing to think, comprehend, and act based on research of figurative, biblical, spiritual, and historical truths. Daniel’s Fourth Kingdom is a well developed, high caliber masterpiece that echoes Daniel 12:3, ‘And those who are wise shall shine like the brightness of the sky above; and those who turn many to righteousness, like the stars forever and ever.’ Excellent read!”

Dr. Stephanie Plain Potter

Founder and CEO of J Solutions Consulting and Publishing Group and Righteous Royalty Ministries. Author of many books such as Frog It Out and Win and the Pursuit 


“Transformative! Thought-provoking! Inspirational! These words succinctly describe this nonfiction book that will educate, encourage, and exhort you about end-time Bible prophecy and challenge what you thought you knew about the Roman Empire. While the author declares at the outset, ‘I am not a prophet,’ his Christian faith and knowledge of the subject matter are evident in this riveting work that takes the reader on a parallel journey through chapters 2 and 7 of the Book of Daniel and human history. The author’s exhaustive research and robust analysis are woven throughout each page of the book. Well-documented evidence and sound reasoning captivate the mind while the message of faith and hope in Jesus Christ tugs at the heart of the reader. As you embark on this fascinating journey of discovery, expect long-held assumptions to be challenged, forgone conclusions to be reexamined, questions like ‘Are we living in the Roman age?’ to be asked and answered, and your faith to be kindled. While reading Daniel’s Fourth Kingdom: Fulfilling the Times of the Gentiles you will perceive God’s presence, majesty, sovereignty, love, plan, and power in human history, and you will at the same time experience the joy of Living with Christian Love, Hope, and Purpose in a World of Trouble.”

Gilbert Hopkins


“This book is a special treat for historical film lovers, those with an appetite for understanding prophecy, teachers and students of history alike! If you embark on this literary journey you will gain an entirely new level of appreciation for great films like 300: Rise of an Empire, or One Night with the King. This book will not only fuel your passion for Bible prophecy but will sharpen and educate the mind in understanding how the events of early civilizations are still impacting our world today. Buckle up and enjoy the ride!”

C. Sands, BHM Ent.


Daniel’s Fourth Kingdom is an incredibly thought-provoking, insightful analysis and examination of Biblical prophecy. It offers a skillfully-blended, scholarly probe of Bible prophecy and history that builds on an inspired interpretation of Scriptures from the Old and New Testaments. It piques the curiosity of both the scholar and novice as they seek deeper meaning and purpose of prophecy. The reader is beckoned to experience the Book of Daniel in a manner that opens so many other pathways as one journeys through the Word of God.

“Whether an eschatologist or historian or country preacher or the church layman next door, the gripping nature of this book both commands and demands the full attention and devotion of the reader. Upon completion of this cerebral work, one feels perfectly well-equipped for a final examination on Biblical prophecy.

“The world of Biblical prophecy will be much better understood, appreciated, comprehended, and valued by having Daniel’s Fourth Kingdom among its go-to authoritative references. The author is to be commended for his careful, deliberate, methodical, and painstakingly precise treatment of a frequently misunderstood theme that is paramount to the Christian experience.”

Dr. Alvin J. Williams


“Melvin Hawkins’ Daniel’s Fourth Kingdom: Fulfilling the Times of the Gentiles is a rigorously researched book that is thoroughly documented and is well-written. The author points out that Daniel’s prophecies speak about the four kingdoms of Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece, and Rome. He states that Jesus referred to this cumulative period in world history as ‘the times of the Gentiles.’ He further clarifies with B.W. Newton that the prophesies in chapters 2 and 7 of Daniel are ‘not the history of all Gentile nations.’ Hawkins summarizes the fourth kingdom as being political and cultural remnants of the once-united, iron-strong, but now fragmented and weaker, Roman Empire; the fourth kingdom exists presently as the amalgamated ‘beast’ of Revelation 13:1-2; the fourth kingdom presently consists of at least ten Western European nations that came out of Roman lands, people, and cultures; the fourth kingdom has ruled over Jerusalem in the past and will do so again through the Antichrist during the tribulation period; the Antichrist will arise in the future ‘among’ ten Roman nations, but will be ‘different’ from them; Jesus Christ will return the second time ‘in the days of’ ten Roman nations.

“The author interprets Daniel 2 and 7 (correspondingly the same) and a few other related Scriptures in their original contexts in terms of what they originally meant; then he traces the applications of these findings through four kingdoms and ten nations in various situations throughout world prophetic history.

“In this book, the author accomplishes his goal which is to encourage, extend, and advance the Bible-based study of Christian eschatological literature concerning the continuing existence of the fourth kingdom. The book is broad and comprehensive in scope; it joins many points of history together. Thus, illuminating aspects that were loose or not clear.

“The book can be used for teaching Bible-study classes by using the author’s well-developed study questions in addition to the reading materials. The result from a Bible study of Daniel chapters 2 and 7 will be very rewarding.”

James E. Norwood Sr., EdD

Adjunct Associate Professor

Oral Roberts University

Author of Christ as Conqueror and Reconciler: Theological Implications for the Church’s Role in Deliverance: A Study of Colossians 1:19 – 20 and 2:13 – 15



“In reading Daniel’s Fourth Kingdom: Fulfilling the Times of the Gentiles, I visualized the author as both historian and attorney, skillfully presenting his viewpoint and study of eschatological matters to the reader; summoning ‘history’ as a key witness in validating facts related to present and future-day events.  Through years of study and research, specifically chapters 2 and 7 of the Book of Daniel, Melvin Hawkins clearly achieves the primary objective of this nonfiction work; that is, the viewpoint that the Fourth Kingdom as symbolically described in scripture has continued to exist throughout history to this present day.  At the onset, this work will challenge you to a parallel study of the Word of God and real-time events.  It will challenge your thought process and understanding of eschatological truths.  It will challenge your perspective as to what it means to have information before you in ‘plain sight.’  You will feel the living pulse of what is, what was, and what is to come.  Equally important, as the author has stated, it will exhort the Church to ‘love not the temporal kingdoms of this world but, instead, to zealously embrace her gospel-inspired, Holy Spirit-empowered, love-driven, apolitical, evangelical mission to share the gospel with ‘all nations.’  Whether you are a lover of apologetics, history aficionado, passionate about teaching the Word of God or simply fascinated as to how the Word of God is the very foundation of our history and existence, this nonfiction work is a must-read and would certainly be a valued, treasured asset to your library.”

Minister Jaimie M. Patterson

e3you, LLC

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